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In 2015, Saint George’s Orthodox Church was acquired from a group of local Anglicans who were part of the century-old St. Luke’s Anglo-Catholic parish in the City of Brantford.

From 2015 to 2017, extensive renovations were undertaken to rehabilitate this fine building, while maintaining its historic integrity and interior beauty as an Orthodox temple.

The original kitchen – dating back more than eighty years – has been fully updated. A multi-use classroom construction project is scheduled for later this year.

The beautiful wooden century construction includes a full wood, master crafted ceiling, providing a beautiful finish to the nave. Many of the original fixtures – including a solid, antique bishop’s chair, fine crafted reader stands, a carved wooden credence (preparation) table, and wooden frontals with gothic window motifs – have been integrated into the new design.

Our community continues to be thankful to worship God in this historic church building, as we continue to adorn it with the rich beauty of Orthodox art and iconography.